Greece - Ancient Founder of the Modern World

Greece is a country with an epic past and is credited as one as the forefathers of civilization. From creating western philosophy in the 6th century BC and epic early works of literature, such as Homer the Iliad and The Odyssey following on around the 8th century, it is the Greeks who are thanked for bringing a sense of 'mind' to Europe when many of its other countries were still predominately savage.

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Through the ages Greece has brought us the Olympic Games, wonderful theatre, great art, sculpture and architecture. It is respected as the birthplace of politics as we know it. Also, when it comes to mythology, is there any other country that can rival Greece? Her tales are so embedded in our conscience; it's hard to know just how many books may never have been written had the Greeks not laid the ground work first.

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So for any traveler looking to find a country with a bit more than the usual sun, sea and sand, a place with real history to revel in, they need look no further. Greece is a stunning country, with incredible inland areas and coast line, famously beautiful islands, dreamy hot sunny weather, great food and wine, with the added bonus that this country just happens to be one of the building blocks of modern culture itself.

A conservative country whose main religion is Christianity, Greece has a population of around 11.2 million and a land mass of a just over 50,000 sq miles. Noted as a high income economy, Greece is constantly credited in the 'high quality of life' rankings. Greece has been a member of the European Union since 1981 and the Euro zone since 2001. Although Greece has enjoyed a rapid economic and social climb since post World War II, the growth has in the last few years been hit hard with the world wide slowdown, largely due to high public spending combined with the credit crunch and a lingering problem of tax evasion.

However, in 2010 Greece's fellow Euro zone members agreed on a 5 bn bailout package to avoid the country defaulting on its debts. The major conditions written in to the loan were a new leaner approach to public spending and tax rises throughout. This has not been popular with the majority of the people and it is still to be seen if the loan will be a permanent fix to keep Greece in the club. Still, for now Greece has weathered the storm and with an estimated 18.8 million tourists every year, it is the country itself which is proving the biggest asset.

Greece is loved for her Islands and has more than 6,000 throughout the Aegean Coast, of which only 227 are inhabited. Here you will find islands of small fishing communities with idyllic coast lines, intimate bays, scattered coves and beautiful historic white washed villages. There are also full on party islands that are awash with hotels, bars and clubs. There is something for everyone, from the culture vulture seeking authentic Greek village life by the sea to the young and hip wanting their summer experience in Technicolor.

If island life is not what you are looking for then mainland Greece is a wonderful place to explore for city tourism. Greek cities offer everything that you would wish to experience from a city environment, history and culture mixed with modern shopping, nightlife and second to none facilities. The historic cities of Patras, Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Volos are well worth a visit as they all benefited from an injection of cash during the 2004 Olympic Games, adding a new dimension of modern world class infrastructure to fuse with their unbeatable historical elements. Of course Athens, the 'historical capital of Europe' is a veritable treasure chest for anyone who seeks to be inspired by being in the place that gave rise to so much that we now take for granted.

For those that know Greece, it is easy to fall for her charms. The people themselves are some of the most open and hospitable in Europe, making it a real contender when thinking of a country to buy a home in that literally ticks all the boxes.

Prices start at around €18,000 for an old finca in need of restoration. If this is something that interests you, make sure that all planning permissions are gained first and you are sure of the real costs in total when attempting such a project. Buying cheap to in effect build up your own dream property, can be a great way to secure you a dream home at a relatively small price, but do not underestimate the ongoing cost of renovation.

Small village homes can be bought for as little as €30k - €50K with little or no work to be done on them. This has to be a real contender for those wishing to find a peaceful place to live for a fraction of what you would spend for similar homes in France or Spain. It is important to shop around as bargains can be found in this price range. Remember that any work on the property will cost you more so finding a property at a very affordable price that is key ready to live in, is what makes a real bargain.

If you are looking for an island apartment just off the beach then prices start at about €60k for a one bed and €65k for a two bed. Competitive prices when compared with Europe's other hot spots. Villas can go for anything from €100k plus dependent on location, size and materials. Of course it all comes down to just what you want to spend as Greece also offers very high end options, but, no matter what you're in the market for, Greece is currently a good option for anyone looking for a home in a beautiful country with amazing coastline, sunshine and heritage with very good rental returns.

Main Pointers For Buying In Greece

Before anyone purchases a property a tax role number is needed. This is known as an AMF and can be obtained from any tax office. Anyone buying in Greece must be able to show where the money is coming from for any wireless transfers made during purchase. A Greek bank account will be needed in order to make payment, as it is standard that funds are first paid into a bank account before any further transaction payments are made within the country.

A public notary in Greece is an independent official and is there to oversee the property purchase. Before a contact can be drafted, an initial offer must be made and subsequently a deposit of 10% is made. This deposit is not refundable unless the sale is not made due to a shortcoming on the side of the vendor. Once the buyer has finance and everything has been agreed then final funds can be transferred.

At execution of the final transaction, the ownership of the property is legally passed to the buyer. At this stage it is decreed in Greek law that the estate agents involved must be present for signing.

As with any property purchased abroad it is recommended that you hire a respected solicitor that speaks both Greek and your own native language, as they will guide you through the entire process.

Greece - Ancient Founder of the Modern World
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Avoid the Wedding Credit Crunch!

The current average cost of a UK wedding is somewhere in the region of fifteen to twenty thousand pounds. In today's credit crunch climate, it is surprising however that this is still the case. Wherever we turn on the high street or whenever we open a newspaper, we are greeted with promises of fantastic sales across the UK. So how can the Bride and Groom to be get in on the act and avoid breaking the bank to pay for their big day? Well, with a bit of creativity and a few helpful hints and tips gathered from here and there, there are more than a few ways to save thousands of pounds on your wedding, here are a few examples of how.

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Shop Around

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Firstly be sure to shop around. As an example, designers tend to charge over £100 for a bridesmaid dress, where as evening dress lines or bridesmaid ranges in department stores can be just as nice and are often half the price. If you don't mind your bridesmaids wearing different styles, this can help with the cost as well. You can often find dresses of the same color but differing styles in the sale towards the end of the season. As we know, it is often the case that one style doesn't suit all so here you have the added bonus that your bridesmaids will probably thank you for this as well!

A fun way to stick to your budget and have fun at the same time is to set each other challenges to see who can find the best price on items such as the wedding cars. A handy hint here is that where the venue is fairly close to the church many companies will do two trips rather than expect you to hire two cars.

Avoid Minimum Order

When it comes to wedding stationery, many companies require a minimum order, making it difficult to save money when ordering from a catalog yet bespoke handmade stationery which often doesn't require a minimum order can be very costly so why not try your hand at making your own stationery and even the wedding favors as well? With literally everything you could need as well as a book on 'how to' under one roof at shops such as Hobby Craft, you can't really go wrong. And if you feel that this is still to complicated then ask one of the more crafty guests to help you out as their wedding gift to you.

Ask Family and Friends To Help

It can often be handy if friends or family can provide an item for the wedding as their gift to you. For example, when it comes to the cake, you may well have an abundance of offers from older family members. Don't be put off with thoughts of a traditional masterpiece covered in flowers and piping. If you prefer something plainer you don't need to pay an average of £400 for the cake and neither do you need to offend those offering their services. Simply thank them kindly for their offer, tell them that their cakes are absolutely amazing and you would love them to help out. Ask if they would mind simply icing the cake very plainly as you would love to tie the cake into your theme (hearts, feathers or whatever) and let them know that you already have some lovely decorations for the top in line with this theme. There are many cake shops selling modern sugar craft which you can place on the cake relatively easily or if brave enough, you can give the person making the cake strict instructions as to how and where to place these! Alternatively you could try out a supermarket wedding cake - you can decorate them yourself and you may be surprised by the taste.

Avoid Unwanted Gifts

You will have heard many storied of unwanted wedding gifts but are probably wondering how best to avoid this. If you do want specific gifts, one option is to start a gift list within a department store. Keep your eyes peeled for the best deal however, as stores often have a free gift card to lure you to sign up. Many of the gifts available from store to store are the same, so go for the one with the free gift card! The good news is that the wedding gift tradition is actually a pretty good way to pay for part of the wedding or the honeymoon. If you would like cash rather than physical gifts but feel this cheeky be aware that many travel agents offer a honeymoon account. This simply means that they will send out notifications to guests inviting them to donate towards this account. Not only is this a great way to save on your honeymoon but also a much less embarrassing way to ask for cash. Alternatively just ask outright in a letter within the invitations or use one of the many cleverly worded poems available on the internet

Every Picture Tells a Story

One area where extreme caution should be taken is the wedding photos as these really will be with you for life. After spending hours on end planning your day, it is vitally important that you are happy with the quality of the photographer that you choose. Many photographers have recognized the fact that wedding albums can be very costly and now offer CD only options. This usually includes all of the photos on CD with full copy write which means that you can choose how much and when you spend on prints. Packages average around £600 making this a great alternative to getting an album produced from the offset as this often costs thousands of pounds. If your photographer hasn't been recommended by someone who has used them before, make sure that you check them out fully before booking them. A good indication of a good photographer is variety of content on their website as well as a recognised qualification or membership of a professional photography group. Remember to also ask whether their previous clients have reviewed their work anywhere as there are now many websites where customers can rate wedding businesses.

Less is Less!

Venue decoration options seem endless these days. Many people choose seat covers to disguise dowdy hotel chairs or to co-ordinate with the rest of their table decorations or venue lighting to really make an impression and follow their colour theme through. Whatever the case, again there is opportunity to make savings. Choosing a theme such a monochrome keeps your decoration simple yet highly effective. Black and white is often a lot cheaper then some of the more adventurous options and comes with the added benefit of adding an element of timelessness to your theme. The use of simple items such as feathers in place of more expensive floristry arrangements will knock pounds off your budget.

In fact, over recent years, table flowers have graduated from massive bouquets to simple arrangements. This is handy when it comes to cost saving. Displays featuring between three to five stems are extremely effective and even more so with the introduction of masterpieces such as colored water or bamboo. This keeps costs down and looks amazing to boot meaning that in this case, less is actually less in terms of pounds! Remember also that your bridal bouquets will not be with you all day and therefore needn't cost a fortune. Simple wrist bracelets are very popular for bridesmaids and a great way to save on your flowers. If you are having flowers in the church, ask your florist to move these to the reception. Your florist will be able to recycle the arrangement and create new ones within a very short space of time.

Dress to Impress for Less

If there is one item that you won't want to compromise on, this is sure to be the wedding dress and this does make sense after all! All is not lost however, use Google to search for discount codes for local wedding suppliers which will often include the dress and don't forget wedding planning websites, join as a member and gain access to fantastic wedding planning tools to help you plan your big day as well as many discounted wedding products and services which will again include dress shops. Many bridal boutiques now have offers such as Groom's suit for free when you purchase the wedding dress or a discount when you hire a certain number of suits. For the more adventurous bride to be, it is worth knowing that you can often find designer dresses on eBay many of which have never been worn!

Bargain Bubbly

You will often find that the price of wine at your venue will be more expensive than in your local supermarket. Although the venues tend to charge corkage if providing your own drinks, shop around as you will often still be able to beat the price on offer at the venue through buying in bulk even with the corkage charge included. Nowadays it is rare that a couple provide a free bar, so don't feel pressured into doing so as it is very unlikely that this will be expected!

Better Late than Never

More and more couples are opting for a later wedding these days, and this can save you a great deal of cash! Getting married mid afternoon gives opportunity for a buffet type wedding breakfast. If this doesn't suit you then cut down on the evening buffet as very rarely does this run out, in fact in many cases guests end up taking this home with them! Remember that getting married on a day other than a Saturday or Sunday can also save you money, on average this will save you around £1,500!

Don't take no for an answer

And finally, barter, barter and barter again. We are in the midst of a price war wherever we turn. It may be bad news for business but it's great news for brides! Gone are the days when cheaper suppliers means lower quality goods, these days even the top suppliers in the country are having to fight for their position. The message here is simple, don't agree to the first price that you hear, don't be afraid to challenge those prices and don't take no for an answer!

Avoid the Wedding Credit Crunch!
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Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets And Accessories Offer A Custom Look At An Affordable Price

Take a good look around your kitchen. If you're like most American homeowners there are several things you'd like to change about its functionality and appearance. And if you're like most American homeowners, you'd rather make these changes than buy a new home.

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"Decision number one with any kitchen remodeling project begins with the cabinetry. Cabinets and cabinet accessories set the tone and personality of the entire kitchen and in some cases, up to 60 percent of the remodeling budget may go towards cabinets," said Connie Edwards, Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) for Timberlake Cabinet Company, Winchester, Va., one of the nation's leading cabinet manufacturers.

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"Today, many manufacturers offer semi-custom cabinet lines and coordinating accessories," said Edwards. "These cabinet lines are quite popular with homeowners because you can specify sizes and interior fittings for a customized look at an affordable price."

According to a National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) survey, nearly 30 percent of all cabinets chosen by homeowners are from semi-custom lines. "Semi-custom cabinets and accessory lines afford homeowners options not available with mass-produced stock cabinetry lines," said Ed Pell, executive director of Kitchen & Bath Business, an industry trade publication. "Semi-custom lines offer many, many more design options and sizes. And most importantly, you get a customized look at a semi-custom price."

To compliment semi-custom kitchen cabinets, many cabinet manufacturers also offer a range of decorative accessories. These accessories may include moldings for above and below the cabinets, valances for areas between cabinets, curved end panels and decorator doors.

Semi-custom cabinet accessories provide furniture quality accents and allow homeowners to create a variety of kitchen styles to match the decor of their home by blending with adjoining living areas. For example, roe moldings can be installed above wall cabinets to accent a crown molding and create a southwestern or country flair for the kitchen.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinet accessories also include open frame decorator door designs that accept glass inserts ... countertop edge moldings ... and counter supports which provide added design detail for today's style-conscious kitchen remodelers. Counter supports can be used for open shelving and are great for island snack bars.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinents and cabinet accessories are typically available in oak, cherry, maple and other popular hardwoods. Choose a hardwood and a finish that reflects your style and taste. A finish that accents an existing favorite feature in your kitchen, like an appliance garage, cookbook rack, message center, bread box, wine rack or bookcase.

An added benefit which was not true of semi-custom cabinet lines a few year's ago is that most are available for delivery within two to three weeks after an order is placed, compared to a typical order-to-delivery cycle of up to several months for fully custom made cabinets.

Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets And Accessories Offer A Custom Look At An Affordable Price
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Florence, Italy - Six Great Attractions

Today, I'll give you six great attractions to see when you're visiting Florence, Italy. When you visit Florence, bring some great walking shoes, as you'll be doing a lot of walking throughout the often-crowded city. Also, try to visit in the spring or winter, which are cooler months.

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This is a fabulous art museum that was once used as a prison. Lots of Renaissance era art here.


It's a Baptistery that's in the shape of an octagon. The Battistero is a great example of Roman style.


Designed by Giotto, this marble gothic bell tower is magnificent. Prepare to walk though. There are just over 400 steps.


The Duomo was finished in 1436 and it's one fantastic cathedral. Aside from gazing at this magnificent structure, you can also attend a mass here.

Galleria degli Uffizi

This gallery is home to some famous art pieces, like Paolo Uccello's Battle of San Romano. It's relatively inexpensive. Tickets cost anywhere from - USD.

Piazza della Signoria

What a famous plaza. In 1497, the bonfire of the vanities took place in the Piazza della Signoria. This square is also home to the Neptune Fountain, which dates back to the 1500s.

If you have a love for the Renaissance and want to see some of the most famous works from that era, Florence, Italy is a place to visit. Florence is also home to Donatello's David statute and Michelangelo's David. The Bargello would be a great first stop on your Florence vacation.

Florence is a great Italy vacation spot, whether you're into art or not.

Florence, Italy - Six Great Attractions
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Low-Cost Wedding Ideas

Having a low-cost wedding is always the a practical choice for couples that are on a budget, and most especially during these days. If your budget is limited, you can always settle with cheap wedding ideas yet can still make your wedding look elegant. There are many affordable choices out there that perfectly fit to your desired budget.

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Determining the wedding budget is the first and the most important thing a couple should consider if they opt to have a wedding that is on a budget. Meaning, they only have limited a fund to spend. Think of this, wedding dresses and tuxedos alone can already cost a fortune; the wedding reception can be a reason of depths. These are a few expenses that you should anticipate when planning a wedding.

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Why buy new ones when you can rent for an affordable price anyway? Men's tuxedo's are often rent-able, but you can also rent for your wedding gown and other wedding dresses. Another option is to visit bridal stores and ask if they have unfinished gowns and is they have, choose white or off-white gown. A bridesmaid dress can also make a good alternative instead of a bridal gown. You can rent or make your own veil as well. Remember, having some extra skills is always an advantage!

Don't let yourself depressed over a piece of cake, in fact you can always bake and design your own wedding cake! If you know how to bake a cake, then feel free to do so. Or, you can ask a relative or friend who have the skills and ability to make and design a cake that looks like professionally made.

Opt for cheaper one like a plain chocolate or white cake instead of wishing of having a fruit cake. Most people like the tastes of simple cakes, though. The decoration of the cake doesn't have to be expensive either. You can take the cake to a bakery to be decorated, which will only cost you for the icing and the time. Or, you can do the decorating process yourself.

Probably the biggest portion of your budget goes to the wedding reception. Surprisingly, you can also save money by having a pot luck or buffet reception instead of a sit down meal. A pot luck reception requires the guests to bring their own food. Also, if you wish to serve a wine on each table, you can save a lot by making your own bottled wine using wine kits. Or you can have a cash bar.

Instead of hiring professional photographers, ask a friend to take pictures during the entire wedding celebration. And since most of the people now are using digital cameras, and so as your guests, ask them to email the photos they take at your wedding. Apart from wedding photographs as your own keepsakes, you want also to give affordable keepsakes for your guests and attendants. It is not mandatory to buy expensive wedding favors. You can always choose cheap wedding favors as well as inexpensive bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gifts. Purchase them in bulk to save money again.

Low-Cost Wedding Ideas
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The Rise And Fall Of Babylon

According to the Book of Revelations, the city of Babylon has to be rebuilt once again. This is another key event for everyone to really keep an eye on. Prophecy scholars are divided in their opinion as to whether or not the city of Babylon will literally be rebuilt again. After studying the verses mentioned below - I believe that the Bible is using literal interpretation and it is meaning exactly what it is saying. If this is correct - then the city of Babylon will once more be rebuilt so God can literally wipe this unholy city off the face of this earth!

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The city of Babylon is in the country of Iraq. Back in the early 70's, Saddam Hussein started to try to rebuild the city once again. He probably got about half of it rebuilt before we took him out in our war with Iraq. It remains to be seen if Iraq will continue to rebuild this city once a new government has been put into place and things start to settle down.

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God the Father has a SERIOUS PROBLEM with the city of Babylon. I personally feel that He is going to allow it to be rebuilt once again so that He can personally DESTROY IT HIMSELF. Here are the reasons why.

Back in the Old Testament in the book of Genesis, the city of Babylon was the first city where man began to worship himself in organized rebellion against God Himself. It was where Satan officially set up his initial "headquarters." The first official world ruler was Nimrod and he ruled from the city of Babylon.

Most, if not all of the false religions of this world, can be traced back to the city of Babylon. As you will see in the following verses, Babylon is called a harlot - because from out of her came all the other false religions that have set themselves up against the one and only true God of the Bible.

From these other false religions have come massive persecution of God's people throughout the ages. Satan and his demons have obviously been behind all of these other false religions such as Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, Hinduism, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.

It is a well known fact that many Muslims hate Christians, and there is horrible persecution going on even right now with Muslims slaughtering Christians in Sudan and parts of Indonesia. Satan and his demons rule behind these other false religions and he is the one causing all of this hatred toward Christians.

As we get into the 7 year Tribulation, God arranges for this city to be rebuilt again, and then He will "arrange" for the city to be destroyed by the Antichrist and his 10 nation confederacy in one day! The Antichrist will have no idea that he is being used as a "pawn" by God the Father when he sets out to destroy this city.

I have a feeling Satan may be able to read what I believe will be a very heavy sign from God as to why this city is being raised up again - just so God can personally destroy it Himself. I believe God is saying with the destruction of Babylon, that He is in the process of getting ready to "clean up the earth", and that all the false religions of this world are going to be taken out when Jesus returns back to our earth to set up His Millennium Kingdom.

God will first destroy the city of Babylon and everything that it stands for and represents. And then He will eventually come after Satan, the Antichrist, the False Prophet, all of Satan's demons and all the other unsaved people of this earth when Jesus comes back for His second coming.

When the Millennium Kingdom is set up for the 1000 years, all the bad and unsaved people and Satan and all of his demons will be totally taken out so that we can have true peace on this earth during the 1000 years that Jesus will rule for.

As you will see in the following verses, Babylon is once again going to be rebuilt, and it appears to become a major governmental and commercial place in the world. The Bible says that the "harlot" will initially rule in tandem with the Antichrist. When the city is destroyed, the Bible says that a lot of the merchants, traders and seamen will mourn because they are no longer going to be able to trade and make money with her. The Bible says the kings of the earth were living luxuriously with her when she is destroyed, and they are all mourning because of the loss of wealth that will occur to them as a result of her destruction.

The Scripture Verses

1. This first verse tells us that the beast, who is the Antichrist, and his 10 nation confederacy will be the ones who will destroy this city. However, this verse then goes on to tell us that God Himself is the one who will "put it into the hearts" of the beast and his 10 nation confederacy to destroy Babylon. Here is the verse:

"And the ten horns which you saw on the beast, they will hate the harlot, make her desolate and burn her
with fire. For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give the kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled. And the woman whom you saw is that GREAT CITY which reigns over the kings of the earth." (Revelations 17:16-18)

2. This next verse goes further into the actual destruction of Babylon. Apparently the city is literally destroyed in one hour! Here is the verse that wraps up what God has to say about destroying this unholy place.

"After these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth was illuminated with his glory. And he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying, "Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a habitation of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird.'
For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury ... In the measure that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously, in the same measure give her torment and sorrow; for she says in her heart,' I sit as queen, and am no widow, and will not see sorrow'.

Therefore her plagues will come in one day - death and mourning and famine. And she will literally be burned with fire, for strong is the Lord who judges her.

And the kings of the earth who committed fornication and lived luxuriously with her will weep and lament for her, when they see the smoke of her burning, standing at a distance for fear of her torment, saying, 'Alas, alas, this great city Babylon, the mighty city! For in one hour your judgment has come.' And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore ... Rejoice over her, O heaven, and your holy apostles and prophets, for God has avenged you on her."

Then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, "Thus with violence the great city Babylon shall be thrown down, and shall not be found ... and the light of your lamp shall not shine anymore. For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived. And in her was found the blood of prophets and saints, and of all who were slain on the earth." (Revelations 18:1-24)

3. Here is another verse that says her destruction will come in one hour.

"For in one hour such great riches came to nothing." (Revelations 18:17)


1. Babylon probably has to be rebuilt sometime before the 7 year Tribulation starts. If it is going to be a
flourishing city by the time the Antichrist sets out to destroy it, it has to be rebuilt sometime before the Antichrist really comes to power in order to properly set the stage for it to be a "flourishing and wealthy" city again.

Prophecy students feel that its destruction by the Antichrist will probably come somewhere around the midpoint of the Tribulation or shortly thereafter. Remember, the Antichrist will rise to power more on peace and diplomacy during the first three and half years. It is in the last three and half years of the Tribulation that the Antichrist basically goes nuts and starts the mass persecution of the Jews and all who will not accept his mark. My guess is that Babylon is included in the last three and half years of his mass destruction of both people and countries.

2. You'll also notice that Babylon is destroyed in one hour by fire. The first verse above says that the beast will burn her with fire. I have to believe that the Antichrist will probably launch some type of nuclear missile or bomb on Babylon to completely destroy it by fire in one hour.

3. The Bible says our God is a jealous God. The first of the Ten Commandments is "You shall have no other Gods before Me."
The second commandment says:

"You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them or serve them. For I, the Lord Your God, am a jealous God ..."

All of the other false religions that have come onto this earth all have their origin with the ancient city of Babylon - and they all involve some form of idol worship.

With our God the Father being the one and only true God of the entire universe, He calls all of these other false religions originating out of Babylon harlots! That is because they are not the one and only true faith involving the God of the Bible. I've already done an article titled the "The Basics of Salvation Through Jesus Christ". The Bible makes it very clear that there is only one faith, one God, one religion and one Savior - Jesus Christ. God the Father will not honor in any way, shape or form any of these other false religious systems. All of these other religions are an abomination in His sight and they all have their origin with Satan himself. And the city of ancient Babylon was really the official starting point from where Satan really started to develop and work in all of the other false religions of the world today into each of the other countries around the world.

Once you understand and see the "big picture" as how God sees it, you can understand why He would want to resurrect the city of Babylon again, just so that He can set it up for its final destruction at the end of times.

The above verses also says this destruction is set up by God in order to avenge all of His people who have been martyred throughout history by all of these other false religions.

4. If you want to read more on Babylon and its final destruction, go to chapters 17 and 18 in Revelations. Those two chapters were too long for me to type out everything in this article. The above verses are highlighting the basics on this subject for you.
Note Revelations 17:3 where it says:

"And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns."

The woman is the city of Babylon and the beast she is sitting on is the Antichrist. This verse tells you that initially Babylon will be riding on and working with the Antichrist and probably helping him set up his agenda.

There are also predictions that out of Babylon, will come a lot more of the New Age Movement, along with a heavy increase in sorcery, magic and the occult. Demons and their supernatural powers will be at their peak during the end times, and the city of Babylon will also have a lot of occultic activity surrounding it which will help draw a lot of people from all over the world to visit there. This would probably explain why it is going to become so popular and wealthy again once it is resurrected.

All of the above is just another powerful "puzzle piece" given by God in the Bible to let us know when we really are starting to approach the end of times and the return of His Son to our earth to set up His 1000 year Millennium Kingdom.

The Rise And Fall Of Babylon
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Wonderful Chardonnay Wine Comes From Oregon And Jory Soil

Chardonnay wine is believed to have originated in eastern France in the Burgundy wine region but is now grown wherever wine is produced. Chardonnay is one of the most widely-planted grape varieties, with over 400,000 acres worldwide, second only to Airén among white wine grapes, planted extremely heavily in Spain and in more wine regions than any other grape.

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Modern DNA research at University of California, Davis, suggests that Chardonnay is the result of a cross between the Pinot and Gouais Blanc (Heunisch) grape varieties. Chardonnay is a green-skinned grape variety used to make white wine.

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Oregon is a likely locale for excellent Chardonnay wine.

Dundee Hills started 15-17 million years ago, when lava from Eastern Washington flowed west into the Northern Willamette Valley. Then the Willamette Valley was a large body of water. Earth plate movement caused the land mass to move again, and a land mass rose from above the Willamette Valley floor. The story is not complete until catastrophic Missoula Floods receded, and a small layer of sediment was laid down over the Willamette Valley covering all elevations below 300 feet. The soil above this point remained the now famous red Jory soil. The soil gets its reddish hue from oxidation and high amounts of iron. The depth and quality of the soils lend themselves ideally to the viticulture.

Holloran Vineyard makes small quantities of handcrafted wines in the Willamette Valley.

Located in the Dundee Hills AVA (American Viticultural Area) on classic Jory soil, the Holloran Vineyard is over 30 years old. The soils are not overly fertile, but provide excellent drainage for wine grapes and produce consistently excellent wines, and have been farmed organically since 1999.

Since 2005, the Jory soil has been farmed biodynamically, which is organic farming that treats farms and vineyards as unified and individual organisms, emphasizing the balancing of holistic development and interrelationship of the soil and plants as a closed, self-nourishing system. Emphasis is placed on manures and composts with exclusion of artificial chemicals on soil and plants.Chardonnay is planted on south, east, and west-facing slopes on volcanic soils.

The wines made by Jay Christopher (J. Christopher Wines) are some of the most complex in the Willamette Valley. Their beautifully handcrafted Chardonnay wine comes from 25 year old vines. It shows a wonderfully fresh and vibrant style that comes across the palate as being elegant. Medium-bodied and well-balanced, rich and ripe, with a substantial overlay of oak, it has lots of showy vanilla and smoke notes working in concert with juicy fruit, showing crisp green apple, hazelnut and creamy complexity. It is a break from the pineapple tropical fruit style of Chardonnay with more peach and apple, with some acidity, and quite easy to enjoy.

Oregon Chardonnay wines are often lower in alcohol with less overt sweetness than bottlings from California,

Today's Oregon Chardonnay wines are a bit richer, broader in texture, deeper in flavor, and more complex in aroma. Today, working with riper, more flavorful grapes, with less overt sweetness, has the pleasant consequence of a Chardonnay wine that seems more refreshing and versatile with food.

Serve the Chardonnay cool at around 55F. When Chardonnay wine is served too cold, it tends to lose its fruity flavors. Pairing Chardonnay wine with Provolone, Gruyere and mild cheddar cheeses as well as crab cakes, olives, oysters, stuffed clams, low and higher fat fish, and smoked salmon are all complimentary food choices. Chardonnay wine compliments chicken, pork and shrimp with cream sauces

Oregon's Holloran Vineyard Chardonnay has both the weight to stand up to rich dishes and enough acidity to cut through the cream. Lamb and mildly spicy and low sweetness foods will all match well. Avoid tomato based dishes - the sharp acidity of the tomato doesn't go well. Meats like steaks and game will overwhelm the flavor.

The real key to the pleasure of wine and food is simply relaxing and enjoying conviviality with friends. Now that you know the best Chardonnay wine and food pairings, dinner anyone?

Wonderful Chardonnay Wine Comes From Oregon And Jory Soil
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